Relevance of GPS for Modern Professional Football

Relevance of GPS for Modern Professional Football

Joao Tomás: professional player and sports scientist

For almost twenty years, João Tomás was a professional football player who played as a striker. He mainly played in Portugal (four seasons at Rio Ave, three at SC Braga and one at Benfica), having scored 98 goals in 261 appearances in the Premeira Liga.

After his long and successful career he decided to go back to college following his family tradition of academic education. He decided to study sports science; to obtain more theoretical knowledge on the game he loves the most. After his graduation (two years ago) he managed to become the sports director of the Portugese professional football club F.C. Famalicão.


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Joao and JOHAN

Joao and the JOHAN team met in September 2016 at the Polytechnic Institute of Viano do Castelo, during a sports science conference at the Sports and Leisure faculty. Following this, a scientific collaboration was started which allowed Joao to use JOHAN for academic purposes at SC Braga B team. F.C. Famalicão started with JOHAN since this season (2017-2018), after Joao had been appointed as sports director.


GPS is important tool for modern professional football

Having so much experience as a player and being educated in sports science we are of course very curious how Joao sees the relevance of GPS for football: “GPS is an extremely important evaluation tool in the landscape of today’s sports. It allows us to interpret a large part of the training variables in order to understand the workload on the athletes.”. At FC Famalicão all activity (both trainings and matches) is measured on a daily basis in order to get a complete picture of the workload.

JOHAN: the right partner for growing together

Joao elaborates further on why he chose to work with JOHAN: “JOHAN is the right partner for us to work with, because it is a growing brand and so are we. We find it important to work with a company that has the same principles as we do.” So both parties have found each other in their ambition for the future.

Expectation of Working with GPS

GPS has been changing the game since Tomás himself played football: “Nowadays we are working with a lot of important information that helps us to understand the game and its variables better. We can predict the athletes’ physiological responses to training and games”.

The sports director expects to get important data from using GPS for his club; “it is not only good for the evaluation and prediction of training loads but also to create a benchmark for science and its analysis”. These benchmarks will become more and more important for talent identification and better player development from the youth department to the first squad, explains the sportive director.

Joao looks forward continuing with JOHAN to get more and more reliable data to improve his team.

We thank Joao for taking the effort for this interview. And (of course) we could not resist to round up with a video of the most beautiful moments of his career!


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