By measuring and analysing the data, coaches can detect when a player has an increased risk of injury. The coach receives these insights, on his device or in a printed report, from all his players including advice on future training loads based on individual player feedback.


Unfortunately, injuries are part of playing sports. Injured players can have a negative impact on team success. Our Player Status module supports you in preventing injuries. We alert you, and provide training suggestions, when a player has an increased risk of injury. Act in time, before it’s too late!

Detecting when a player has an increased risk of injury is not just for elite clubs with a team of sports scientist. The Players Status module is able to do injury risk calculations for you, and advises you on when and how to adjust training load. Support your decision with the use of data, and embrace the power of analytics!

Our module integrates positional and wellness (with exertion and recovery scores) data to get a complete picture of the status of your players. Wellness data provides you with information on the readiness of players to train or play a match, whereas GPS data provides more specific information on how to adjust training load. Unleash the power of integration!


In case an injury occurs, our system can also be used to follow the progress of the rehabilitation process. Use our comprehensive monitoring system to track the activity and wellness of the injured player: increase the workload progressively and determine when the player is ready to return to play! Take careful steps in the return-to-play phase, and minimalize the risk of re-injury!