The JOHAN Sports sensor measures the positions of each player 10 times per second on the pitch. These positional activities can be analysed in the Tactical module, with the main goal to validate the positional activity of the players during an activity. We visualise it in two different ways:


In this visualisation it is possible to replay the positional activity of the players during a match or training. Each player is visualised as a dot, which moves over time over the field. A trainer can use this to check where the players were active, especially during important moments of the match (goals, corners, free kicks, etc.).

We are going to add the possibility to analyse the distance between the players (by clicking them) and to inspect the performance data of a player when selected (for instance to search for indications of fatigue).


We summarise the positional activities of a player in a heatmap, which indicates the amount of time spent where on the pitch. This overview gives immediate insight into the positional activity of the players, which can be used by a trainer to validate his activity over the pitch (for instance according to the intended tactical positioning).


Sprint Lines

We have added the possibility to plot sprint lines over the heatmaps to inspect where the player was the most active on the pitch. A sprint line can be clicked to investigate the speed profile.

Heatmap JOHAN Sports module - tactical

Video Tactical Analysis