Within the JOHAN environment it is possible to benchmark players against averages from our database. We have created a Benchmark module to compare the performance of a player against the average of the following filters:

  • Sport (football, field hockey)
  • Playertype (attacker, midfielder, etc.)
  • Level
  • Sex
  • Exercise (warming up, position game, first half, etc.)
  • Duration
  • Date range



You can use the Benchmarks module for various purposes:


Player characteristics

By putting the performance of a player into perspective (comparing it against peers) you get a better understanding of the characteristics of a player. You can clearly see at which aspects he/she excels or needs to improve, which helps to set training goals.


Talent development

By comparing a youth player against the averages of the adult players you get a picture of how far the player is off to make the step towards the first team. From experience, we know that this step can often be too big, resulting in overload and injuries. Next to that, the progress over time towards these benchmarks can also be considered (in the progress view), to steer the development in the correct direction.


Planning (periodization)

In the Benchmark module all the average loads per exercise are known; thus we know exactly what the load on the players is for a typical exercise (like warming up, shooting exercise or first half). This valuable information can be used as input for the training planning (or periodisation) to predict what the load of the coming training days will be. In this way a sustainable training planning can be made for all players.


This module is interesting for all the stakeholders within a club:


Players – stimulation for development

Players can use the benchmarks to become of their strengths and weaknesses against their peers. They can use this information in their advantage and improve where needed. Read more about the benefits of the JOHAN Sports system for players »


Trainers & Analysts – differentiate and plan

Trainers can use the benchmarks to characterise the performance of the players, which can be used for various purposes (positioning, transfers, substitutions, etc.).
Next to that, the benchmarks can be used as an input to the training planning. Here you can find additional information about the benefits of the JOHAN Sports system for trainers and analysts.


Managers – increase value of player and team

The information of the benchmarks can be used by a manager to increase the value of both the player and team. The player value can be increased by focusing on the aspects which differentiates the player from his peers, while the team value can be increased by using this information for the transfer philosophy (which players are needed to enforce the team). More about the benefits of the JOHAN Sports system for managers, you can find here ».