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A free demo of the JOHAN Sports system

To request a free demo of the JOHAN Sports system, please fill in the form above. After submitting, the JOHAN Team will contact you shortly to schedule an interview or an online demo. You will receive an invite for the meeting and to connect via Skype.

How does a demo of JOHAN Sports look like?

The online demo will be held via Skype so we can share screens and you can easily take a look at our online platform. A demo of the JOHAN Sports system consists of multiple subjects. After a short personal introduction we will tell you more about our company, our philosophy and our way of working. First of all we will show you our hardware and explain how it works. The next step is to talk you through our software. Our software exists of basic and intelligent modules which we will show you. Off course there is room for asking questions, based on what you see. If you are located in The Netherlands, Belgium or Portugal we will be pleased to visit you for a demo after an interview by phone to determine the specific needs.

Which results can I see after a demo of JOHAN Sports?

After a demo of the JOHAN Sports system you have a clear view on what the system can do for your team. Based on the demo we can do a proposal which fits your needs.

For which type of sports can the JOHAN Sports system be used?

JOHAN Sports is active in several sports. At the moment we serve teams in football, hockey, rugby and hurling. The JOHAN system can be used in a broad variety of outdoor sports. The GPS and other motion sensors in our trackers collect the data and our software can deliver valuable insights about perfromance, progress and injury prevention based on the collected data in combination with scientific literature.

Can I test the JOHAN Sports system for a certain period after the demo?

The philosophy of JOHAN Sports is to deliver an affordable and easy to use system to our customers and users. To maintain affordable we do not work with free trails but part of our contracts is that you are able to return the system within (the paid) first 2 months without being attached to the contract.

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