FC Den Bosch starts partnership with JOHAN!

FC Den Bosch starts partnership with JOHAN!

Last week Keuken Kampioen Division club FC Den Bosch started with the JOHAN system. The football club from ’s Hertogenbosch is very ambitious and wants to set a high performance culture within the organization. JOHAN Sports will guide FC Den Bosch to become fit and strong the entire season. The Sport Science department of JOHAN Sports will play an important role to give direct advice to the performance/medical staff

The perfect training schedule

Performance coach Martin de Waal is very enthusiastic about all the options within the JOHAN platform and especially the launch of the mobile RPE app for players. With the mobile app players can fill in exertion forms, recovery forms and injury forms every day in order to measure the internal load. All players fill in information like muscle soreness, sleep quality, stress levels, appetite and fatigue levels This information can be used to compare with the GPS information (external load) to optimize the training schedule.


Alongside the JOHAN GPS trackers and the mobile app for RPE forms, FC Den Bosch will also use real-time heart rate data during training sessions and matches. With live heart rate information it’s easy to inform the head coach about individual fatigue levels.

This development takes FC Den Bosch to the next level!

Thomas van 't Wout