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Cookie policy

We are using cookies on to examine how our website is used. The information in our statistics is anonymous and cannot be connected to a specific user.

We use cookies to enhance the user experience.

The information regarding your stay at the website is saved on your hard drive as a cookie. A cookie is a non-dangerous text file that is sent to your browser from a webserver and saved on your computer’s hard drive. You can make your browser inform you, when you receive a cookie or you can choose to disable your browser from receiving cookies. uses cookies to gather statistics for internet traffic sources and visits on to make it more inviting and adaptive to the user.

The team behind wishes to continuously improve the website to give you the best user experience possible. This constitutes the use of cookies. None of the information we receive contains personal user information. Everyone who saves cookies on your hard drive have to, according to the notice concerning cookies, collect the acceptance from you for each cookie. This means that you, as a user, have to accept the use of cookies as described on the page and that you have the choice of either blocking or refusing the use of these.


To continuously improve our webpage we are gathering anonymous statistics with a web analytics service; Google Analytics. Google Analytics is saving cookies with an anonymous and randomly generated user number. The purpose of cookies is to count the amount of visits from different browsers/devices. Every Google Analytics cookie has a name that contains ‘UTM’.

How to block or delete cookies

We hope that you accept the use of cookies on, so we can give you the best service and user experience.
If you do not wish to receive cookies, you can delete these from your browser.


Our partners

We are very thankful to our supporting partners. JOHAN ist part of the European Space Agency (ESA)Business Incubation Program in Noordwijk and JOHAN is supported by the European GNSS Agency (GSA).
ESA European Space Agency - partner of JOHAN Sports performance analytics for sport teams
GSA - partner of JOHAN Sports performance analytics for sport teams
VU Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam - partner of JOHAN Sports performance analytics for sport teams
TU Delft - partner of JOHAN Sports performance analytics for sport teams