We are JOHAN: we offer an easy-to-use, affordable and practical performance tracking and analytics solution for field sports.
JOHAN serves ambitious field sport teams, both coaches, trainers, players and club management. We focus on teams with a medium to small staff, which generally have little to none scientific staff like data analysts and sports scientists. Although we provide all the raw data and statistics, most of our users need the relevant context of this data such that they can put it into practice. This way complex science and technology becomes available to every type and level of trainer.


We learn with a variety of customers to understand all the different needs from different users and level. Therefore our products can be used by specialist trainers of professional teams, but also by head coaches of amateur teams.


In 2013 we started with the idea to make technology and sports science valuable for everybody playing field sports. Together with the European Space Agency we developed state of the art wearable sensors for accurate measurement of the movements of the players. After uploading this data to our online platform coaches and player have direct access to dashboards and get insights and advice about the performance on and off the field.


From 2014 we have been testing, learning and developing our products by intensively working with our clients. The intimate relationships with research organisations and trainers makes it possible for us to bring science, technology and daily training together. This helps both us and clubs to continuously improve and innovate.
The past years we grew to become market leader in the Benelux (The Netherlands and Belgium). Our customers vary from clubs in the first division of soccer to the higher amateur teams and we are also proud that we are supplier of the Dutch Women’s Hockey Team. We have customers in Europe (The Netherlands, Belgium, Greece and Portugal) but we also serve clubs in the USA and organizations (research & development) in several continents.


Our customers value our products & service because of the added value we offer and our value for money proposition. The system is easy to use and no extra investments are required in terms of staff or other tools to utilize the whole system. Short upload times, easy data organization and quick data processing are the first easy steps for data interpretation and taking action towards the player or to discuss the results within the staff. Our customers are enabled to let their teams train more effective, prevent injuries and to identify and develop talent.


We are ambitious and have plans to become a dominant global player. Because our products and services are suitable for clubs anywhere around the world, we are expanding internationally. We have already learned much from our international network, but are always striving for more and better knowledge and collaborations (with universities, federations and clubs). Next to our qualitative hardware (sensors, suitcases and vests) we continuously invest in our user friendly software. In only a few clicks all data should be available in easy to interpret dashboards.

Which solution does JOHAN Sports offer?

As application specialist we use our knowledge of data science, sports science and technology to make smart choices in what we create and how we create our products and services for our users. We focus less on creating ultra high tech solutions, avoiding high prices and complex solutions. We focus more on trustworthy, easy-to-use, easy-to-understand and intelligent tools, enabling our users to improve while comfortably continuing their daily operations. We prefer transparency over black-box, actionable insights over data analysis and full service over limited service.


Within team sports coaches are limited to a certain amount of time and tasks. They have an eye on what they can see during trainings and matches but that’s only a part of the whole story. To have a completer view on the fitness and performance of the players and the team as a whole the coaches need assistance from a data analyst, a sports scientist, a exercise physiologist. In reality coaches have small staffs.


Every player is unique. Lack of time and small staffs holds the trainers and coaches back of making individual trainings scheme’s for the players. Therefore it’s difficult to get the maximum out of each individual player. And injuries can become a result of the undifferentiated approach.
As a coach you always want to have a complete fit team so you do not have to do any trade offs in your game plan. Within team sports goals are always ambitious and competitive distances become smaller. That’s why it’s important to optimize trainings per individual player so the coach can get the most out of each player.


JOHAN Sports offers a solution for these challenges. With a minimum staff, the system of JOHAN Sports enables trainers, coaches, physiotherapists to analyse the performance of the team and the individual team members. It helps them to prevent injuries and have a fit team of players. The sports science is embed in the software. It’s based on scientific literature and during each step or during loading of a dashboard the reasoning behind the dashboard is explained. This ensures that the outcome of the data-processing is reliable and valuable for the trainer, the coach or the physical trainers.


Trainers can use the data to confirm what they already have seen or to point them at things they were not able to observe.
JOHAN Sports is active in the field of sports analytics or performance analytics. A scientific part or approach of the sport for sport teams. We combine sports, scientific literature and technology to assist trainers, coaches and other staff members to help them in making decisions not only based on their observations but also on the easy to read data we provide in our online platform.

Our partners

We are very thankful to our supporting partners. JOHAN ist part of the European Space Agency (ESA)Business Incubation Program in Noordwijk and JOHAN is supported by the European GNSS Agency (GSA).
ESA European Space Agency - partner of JOHAN Sports performance analytics for sport teams
GSA - partner of JOHAN Sports performance analytics for sport teams
VU Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam - partner of JOHAN Sports performance analytics for sport teams
TU Delft - partner of JOHAN Sports performance analytics for sport teams